About Us

New Details Design is all about High-Quality designs

NDDDESISHGAlmost a decade ago we started out as a small live music production & artist management company in central Idaho. At that time we were called AGD Productions (A Great Deal Productions & Promotions), and we always needed event posters, band websites, marketing materials, merchandise, the stuff that goes along with successfully managed events & musicians. But the cost to use other companies was outrageous! So after feeling drained, we decided to take it on ourselves.

At first, all of our designs were used solely for AGD’s use to promote events, concerts or artists. But after a little while, some of these bands that were coming through Idaho started to like what we were doing. And wanted to have us do some of their designs, posters, CD covers, etc. We kept going and found out that the promotion & production biz was a hard road, and no matter how many great shows we did.

From that point we decided to hang up that old hat, and start a new project. A design based project. With a nice base of return clients, we went “all-in” to graphics & web design. We started selling our new project to our past network of bands, managers, booking agents and event promoters.

Our founder; Cody Fisher, has worked in almost every position in the music industry over the past decade. First as band manager of Idaho favorites; Frame Of Mind. Then as a event / festival promoter, and a Stage Manager. He has helped built up bands such as; Equaleyes, Furious Jones, Innocent Man, Buckskin, & many more. And coordinating The Summer Music Festival at Roseberry Idaho for over a decade. Cody also puts out a helping hand in many other events around Idaho and beyond…